In 2013, we were a band of young sportsmen with an abundance of passion and a great love for all forms of sports. We started a dream by creating a movement which gave birth to a brand and a sports club with a strong and loyal following of more than 7,000 enthusiast and casual sportsmen and sportswomen. Today, after many trials and tribulations, we are proud to tell you more about Caerus. We believe that growing a business is a marathon instead of a sprint. We have been taking small but strong steps to create a solid foundation for our business, delivering products that are unique in design, consistent in quality and services that are unrivalled.

Our vision – ‘Active and Style’ – is and will always be the foundation of our focus, as we continue to pursue our dream of becoming the premium sports apparel brand in Malaysia and grow our movement in sportswear lifestyle infused with a flair for fashion in our very own unique heritage-rich Malaysia designs.