1. To promote RACER DEVELOPMENT (knowledge, skills, discipline and racing rules)
2. To promote racing SPORTSMANSHIP mindset
3. To TRANSFER real racing experience
4. To strengthen the BOND between racers:
Real race car driver - sim racer
Veterans/experienced driver - Young talents
5. To create FUN and EXCITEMENT
6. To SPUR the Malaysian motorsport scene and environment


Keifli Othman (48 y/o)

Malaysia Touring Car Legend

Hayden Haikal (17 y/o)

Toyota Gazoo Sporting Class Champion 2019
S1K SP2 3rd Overall 2019
MCS SP2 3rd Overall 2019

Ady Rahimy (22 y/o)

MCS SP2 Champion 2019
S1K SP2 3rd Overall 2019
SIC Best E-Motorsport Athlete 2018

Mirza Syahmi  (24 y/o)

Toyota Gazoo Sporting Class 3rd Overall 2019
MSF Racecar 1600 3rd Overall 2018

Tengku Irsyad (23 y/o)

Sim Racer
Carrera Cup Race Winner
GT4 Portimao Race Winner
DTM '92 SPA Race Winner

Afif Suhaimi (27 y/o)

Sim Racer
Toyota Velocity E-Racing 3rd Overall 2019
3rd Place Logitech G-Challange 2018

Aliff Jantan (23 y/o)

Sim Racer
Super Sunday Race

Ilyas Yasar (29 y/o)

Sim Racer
Speed Tavern Rally Championship
Adrenaline Impact Rally

Rashdan Abdullah (39 y/o)

SSAD & Associates
Team Manager
Android King Fun Race Championship

Danish Iman (15 y/o)

Sim  Racer
eRGP Endurance GT4 Winner
Adrenaline Impact iRacing Championship Rookie of The Season

Shawn Seelan (22 y/o)

MSF Merdeka Enduro RC1600 Podium
BOSS Timeattack Podium RC1600
Super GG Time Attack P1 1600 Open

Abdul Muiz (16 y/o)

Sim Racer
Adrenaline Impact Drag Time Attack Championship
Streamer Sim Drift

Kishaan Kumar (23 y/o)

Sim Racer
Michelin Virtual Racing 2021
Toyota Gazoo Racing Velocity 2019

Mohd Faizal (36 y/o)

Sim Racer
Toyota Gazoo Velocity 2018/2019
eRGP Championship

Abd Yazid (17 y/o)

Kart Racing & Development 2020 Podium Finisher
3rd - Langkawi Morac 6 Hours Endurance Race 2021

Iliyas Rabani (33 y/o)

Sim Racer
MSF Cyberturismo
Michelin Virtual Race

Aaron Hakim (14 y/o)

Rotax Max Challenge Malaysia Race Winner

Raymie Jay (36 y/o)

Sim Racer
Toyota Velocity E-Racing 2018 / 2019
MSF Cyber Turismo 2020 1st Runner Up

Syu'aib Hassan  (35 y/o)

Real Racer
MCS 2019, 2020
Malaysia Motorsport Vlogger

Ayman Aqeem (27 y/o)

Sim Racer
E1 Championship 2nd-Overall Crest Autosport Euro TCR Champion
2nd - AES TCR Championship

Hendra AdePutra  (12 y/o) 

SIC X30 Karting Championship
Rotax Max Challenge

Cars & Teams Line-up

Torqu3-1 Racing

Keifli Othman
Mohd Afif Suhaimi
Aliff Jantan

Sembang Kartel

Mirza Syahmi Mahzan
Iliyas Rabani
Rashdan Abdullah


Hayden Haikal
Aaron Haikal
Abdul Yazid Razak

RSG Simnology 

Paduka Syuaib
Ayman Aqeem Abas
Hendra Adeputra

Torqu3-2 Racing

Mohd Faizal
Danish Iman
Kishaan Kumar

Churros Bratwurst

Shawn Seelan
Tengku Irsyad
Raymie Jay

SSAD GoRacing

Ady Rahimy Rashid
Abdul Muiz Hakimi
Ilyas Yasar

Race Schedule

Sim Coaching: Friday (9-10pm)
Official Practice: Saturday (5-6pm)
Raceday: Sunday (5-6.30pm)
Practice - 30mins
Qualifying - 10mins
Race 1 (Sprint)  5-8laps
Race 2 (Sprint)  5-8laps
Race 3 (Feature)  20-30mins

August 15, 2021

Sepang North


August 22, 2021

Portimao Club


August 29, 2021

Sepang Full


September 5, 2021

Stowe Long

United Kingdom

September 12, 2021

Sepang South


September 19, 2021

Sepang Full